Jen stumbled into designing and making jewelry after moving to New York City in 2010. Faced with transplanting her life to the big city, she took art classes to meet people and with the hopes that she would find a new hobby.  Little did she know that one jewelry class would spark her creativity and set her life on a new path.

Born in Detroit and raised in the suburban town of Livonia, Jen followed her life’s dream by moving to California after high school. In Los Angeles, she attended a city college for one year before transferring to University of California Santa Barbara. While the plan was to attend UCSB for one year and then move back to LA, she fell in love with the area and instead took root in Santa Barbara.

Jewelry isn’t Jen’s second career, or even her third. After nearly a decade in the automotive industry and another decade in the legal profession, she started a technology company with her longtime boyfriend Adam, in order to build a life together in New York City. While the company was ramping up, Jen spent her spare time taking jewelry classes and sketching ideas for designs.

When Jen wore her original pieces, they became conversation starters with people in coffee shops, on the subway, and wherever she went. Although she had a difficult time parting with her work in the beginning, she began selling her jewelry to friends and people she met.

Jewelry has become Jen’s passion. She finds inspiration in everyday objects, nature, as well as architecture and sculpture.  She is always designing her next piece. Now she takes pride and pleasure seeing other people wearing and enjoying her designs.

Jen’s Jewelry is about original designs with clean, simple silhouettes. Working primarily with sterling and fine silver, Jen is inspired by hammered, distressed-looking metal that is comfortable to wear and appealing to the senses.